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Building Student Engagement: 15 Strategies for the College Classroom

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As an instructor, it can be hard to light the fire for student engagement, and it can be even more difficult to keep the fire burning when student apathy and boredom creep into your classroom.

If you’re looking for new strategies to keep your students awake and to mitigate the glazed over looks, you may want to add this free report to your toolbox.

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Articles Include:

  • Student Engagement: Trade-offs and Payoffs
  • Student Attention Spans
  • Active Learning: In Need of Exploration
  • Freaks and Brainiacs
  • Traffic Lights and Participation
  • Active Learning: A Perspective from Cognitive Psychology
  • When Teachers are ‘Present’
  • Does Participation Promote Engagement
  • The Truly Participatory Seminar
  • Student Engagement: A Different Perspective
  • Living for the Light Bulb
  • Academic ‘Speed Dating’
  • Facilitation Skills: The Way to Better Student Discussions
  • What Does Student Engagement Look Like?
  • Student Engagement Strategies for the Online Learning Environment