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Through its free e-newsletter and dedicated website, Faculty Focus publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom — face-to-face, online, blended, or flipped. It’s also home to The Teaching Professor Blog, written by Maryellen Weimer, PhD. In December 2016, we launched Faculty Focus Premium, a rich repository of teaching tools and resources that deliver fresh ideas, keen insights, and best practices.

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Mary Bart is the managing editor of Faculty Focus. Mary joined Magna in 2008 and also manages the social media presence for Faculty Focus and The Teaching Professor. Mary got her start in journalism as a reporter for a small community newspaper publisher in upstate New York. She later served as the editor-in-chief of Counseling Today, the monthly magazine of the American Counseling Association. In addition to her editorial experience, Mary worked in public relations and content marketing for seven years.

MERLOTFaculty Focus is the winner of the 2017 MERLOT Faculty Development Classics Award. In a press release, the MERLOT Faculty Development Editorial Board stated: “Faculty Focus is one of the most widely used faculty development resources in higher education. … Created in 2003, Faculty Focus has long been an important tool for the implementation of teaching improvement initiatives with faculty development professionals using Faculty Focus both as the basis for workshop activities, and for background and transformative readings for faculty.”

Our position in the Teach100 daily ranking of education blogs.

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