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Exploring New Models with Blended and Flipped Learning

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It’s hard to pick up a publication these days without reading something about blended course design or the flipped classroom. Despite its growing popularity, defining blended learning and flipped learning is more difficult than one would expect. This report dives into different blended and flipped methods from videos to student feedback and more!

At the heart of both blended learning and flipped learning is a learner-centered curriculum that changes the traditional roles of both the instructor and student.

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Articles Include:

  • Time Management Strategies for the Flipped Classroom
  • Getting Started with Blended Learning Videos
  • Recommendations for Blended Learning Course Design
  • Flipping Large Classes: Three Strategies to Engage Students
  • Looking for ‘Flippable’ Moments in Your Class
  • “I Don’t Like This One Bit.” Tales from a Flipped Classroom
  • Fact vs Feeling in Flipped Learning
  • Expanding the Definition of a Flipped Learning Environment
  • Blended Learning: A Way for Dealing with Content