Best Practices for Training and Retaining Online Adjunct Faculty

As colleges and universities continue to expand their online course offerings, increasingly they’re turning to adjuncts to help carry the load. These online instructors, many of whom work full-time in addition to their part-time teaching gig or teach online courses at multiple schools, create unique training and retention challenges. This report features strategies for ensuring distance education faculty have the necessary training and support to succeed.

Higher education institutions invest significant time and resources in the recruitment and hiring of online instructors. To lose them because they don’t receive adequate training, compensation or support would be a waste of time, effort, and resources, not to mention the potential impact on course quality.

Best Practices for Training and Retaining Online Adjunct Faculty

This Faculty Focus special report contains 12 articles pulled from the pages of Distance Education Report. The articles feature best practices from colleges and universities who have solved the training and retention puzzle and come up with innovative approaches to ensure their online instructors are trained on the technology and techniques, feel connected to the institution and other educators, and are supported throughout their entire teaching experience.

Support your online faculty

Take a look at the articles you will find in Best Practices for Training and Retaining Online Adjunct Faculty:

  • Getting By With a Little Help from One’s Friends: Mentoring Program Boosts Faculty Retention
  • Giving Part-Time Online Instructors What They Need
  • Training Online Adjuncts the Florida Way
  • The Virtual Faculty Lounge: Providing Online Faculty Development for Adjunct Instructors
  • Eight Facts to Know About What Bothers Your Distance Education Faculty, and What Keeps Them Coming Back
  • Training 60,000 Faculty to Go Online
  • Development on Demand: Professional Enhancement Resources for a Geographically-Diverse Faculty
  • Jump Starting Faculty into Online Course Development
  • A System for Managing Online Faculty
  • Tips for Designing an Online Faculty Workshop
  • Designing a Certificate Program for Preparing Faculty for Online Teaching and Hybrid Course Development
  • How to Train and Maintain Your Distance Education Faculty

Online educators report that lack of contact with colleagues and the institution can lead to isolation and frustration. Without the proper training and support system, they may stop teaching online or fail to achieve their full potential as educators. For institutions, failure to build a sense of community for online faculty, including a virtual faculty lounge where they can go to for ideas, support and encouragement, is an expensive mistake they can’t afford to make over and over again.

Best Practices for Training and Retaining Online Adjunct Faculty will provide you with the practical strategies that will make a big difference when it comes to training, supporting and retaining your online faculty.

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