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Assessing Online Learning: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities

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As online education becomes a mainstream of the higher education ecosystem, one question still persists: “How do I know what my online students have learned?” There are no easy answers, just as there aren’t in face-to-face courses, but with a little creativity and flexibility, you soon discover that the online learning environment opens up a host of new educational assessment possibilities.

Of course, just as with traditional courses, the trick to online assessment is finding the right combination that works best for your particular course. This special report Assessing Online Learning: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities will show you how.

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Take a look at some of the articles will find in Assessing Online Learning: Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Authentic Experiences, Assessment Develop Online Students’ Marketable Skills
  • Four Typical Online Learning Assessment Mistakes
  • Assessing Whether Online Learners Can DO: Aligning Learning Objectives with Real-world Applications
  • Strategies for Creating Better Multiple-Choice Tests
  • Assessing Student Learning Online: It’s More Than Multiple Choice
  • Using Self-Check Exercises to Assess Online Learning
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of an Online Learning Community
  • Ongoing Student Evaluation Essential to Course Improvement