Keys to Designing Effective Writing and Research Assignments

Writing assignments, particularly for first- and second-year college students, are probably one of those items in the syllabus that some professors dread almost as much as their students do. While no one’s doubting that essays, research papers, and other types of writing assignments are an important part of the academic experience and vital to furthering student learning, they also are time consuming and, at times, frustrating to grade.

Professors often believe students should arrive on campus knowing how to write research papers. Unfortunately, many do not. In this free report, Keys to Designing Effective Writing and Research Assignments, you’ll get proven assignment strategies that are easy to implement.

Keys to Designing Effective Writing and Research Assignments

With as much content as professors have to cover, many feel they simply can’t take time to teach the research skills required to write a quality, college-level term paper. On the other hand, improving students’ writing skills is everyone’s business, and carries with it many short- and long-term benefits for teachers and students alike.

In addition, many instructors are finding ways to add relevance to writing assignments by aligning them with the type of writing required in a specific profession as an alternative to the traditional, semester-long research paper.

Learn how to make college writing, research assignments relevant again

Keys to Designing Effective Writing and Research Assignments was created to provide instructors with fresh perspectives and proven strategies for designing more effective writing assignments, including how to thwart cut and paste plagiarism. It features 11 articles from The Teaching Professor, including:

  • Revising the Freshman Research Assignment
  • Writing an Analytical Paper in Chunks
  • Designing Assignments to Minimize Cyber-Cheating
  • Chapter Essays as a Teaching Tool
  • Writing (Even a Little Bit) Facilitates Learning
  • How to Conduct a ‘Paper Slam’
  • Making a Case for Writing Research Papers
  • 20 Questions about Writing Assignments

While not every approach discussed in this special report will work for every course, every time, we invite you to identify a few that look appropriate for your courses, and implement them next semester. You just might be surprised by the results.

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