Diversity and Inclusion in the College Classroom

Meaningful conversations about race, diversity, and inclusion can be surprisingly rare occurrences in higher education classrooms. Students and faculty alike, especially those in the majority, often fear saying the wrong thing, so they say nothing at all and hope the moment passes without too much discomfort. When issues around diversity become unavoidable, faculty often feel ill-equipped to address them effectively.

“The first step in supporting a more inclusive teaching and learning environment is embracing uncomfortable conversations and challenging the status quo,” writes Kyesha Jennings, an English and literature instructor at Danville Community College. “I refer to this as stomping on eggshells rather than walking on eggshells. Walking on them fails to provide students with the necessary tools to confront controversial issues, whereas stomping on them will directly address the issues going on with and around our students and help them navigate successfully.”

Diversity and Inclusion in the College Classroom


Diversity and Inclusion in the College Classroom is a free, downloadable special report featuring 20 articles from faculty teaching at a wide range of institutions throughout the United States and Canada. The articles tackle some of the trickiest challenges in creating an inclusive and respectful learning environment for a community of learners that is growing increasingly diverse.

Here are a few of the articles you will find in this report:

  • Managing Hot Moments in the Classroom: Concrete Strategies for Cooling Down Tension
  • Seven Bricks to Lay the Foundation for Productive Difficult Dialogues
  • Activities for Building Cultural Competencies in Our Students and Ourselves
  • Managing Microaggressions in the College Classroom
  • Inclusive Assessment: Equal or Equitable?
  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion in the Online Classroom
  • Set-Create-Reflect: An Approach for Culturally Responsive Teaching

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