Faculty Focus


Designing Online Courses 101

Designing an online course shares many of the same elements and processes that go into designing a traditional face-to-face course, however the online environment brings a unique set of challenges that require special attention and a different approach.

Many institutions are realizing that the development and delivery of online courses is an increasingly complicated process, requiring both a specialized pedagogy and a technological expertise. Whether you’re developing a new online course from scratch, or updating one that’s starting to show its age, this report will give you new ideas to consider.

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This free report contains the following articles:

  • The Online Course Test-Drive
  • Seven Things to Consider Before Developing Your Online Course
  • Building Course Quality Systematically
  • Special Considerations When Drafting an Online Course Syllabus
  • Supporting Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning
  • Top Online Course Design Mistakes
  • Who Ya Gonna Call When a Course Needs Help?
  • Universal Design in Online Courses: Beyond Disabilities
  • Improving the Instructional Designer-Faculty Relationship
  • Is There Too Much Interaction in Your Courses?