Academic Leadership Qualities for Meeting Today’s Higher Education Challenges

It’s been said that no one dreams of someday becoming an academic administrator. It’s a tough job that’s only gotten more challenging as budgets shrink, public scrutiny rises, and responsibilities continue to grow.

Academic leadership requires a unique skill set – part field general, part mediator, part visionary, and part circus barker – to name just a few. But what does it really take to be an effective leader? Featuring 13 articles from Academic Leader this special report seeks to provide answers to your biggest leadership questions give guidance to anyone in a campus leadership role.

Academic Leadership Qualities for Meeting Today’s Higher Education Challenges

Whether you’re an experienced administrator, or just starting out, this report will give you an inside look at what it takes to succeed.

For example, in the article “Leadership and Management: Complementary Skill Sets,” Donna Goss and Don Robertson, explain the differences between management and leadership, and share their thoughts on how to develop leadership skills in yourself and others.

In “Zen and the Art of Higher Education Administration,” author Jeffrey L. Buller shows how the Buddhist practice features many principles for daily life that could benefit academic leaders. Such advice includes “Walk gently, leaving tracks only where they can make a difference.”

In “Techniques of Leadership,” authors Isa Kaftal Zimmerman and Joan Thormann outline specific leadership skills for effectively running meetings, building consensus, and communicating across the institution.

The article “A Formal Approach to Facilitating Change” explains how Northwestern University’s Office of Change Management is structured as well as its operating principles for effectively managing change at the university. The key is to articulate how a change can benefit those directly affected and others not directly affected, to be accountable, and to provide clear criteria for measuring success.

What Does it Take to Succeed in Higher Education Leadership?

Other articles in Academic Leadership Qualities for Meeting Today’s Higher Education Challenges include:

  • Factors That Affect Department Chairs’ Performance
  • Changing Roles for Chairs
  • Becoming a More Mindful Leader
  • Creating a Culture of Leadership
  • There’s More to Leadership than Motivation and Ability
  • 10 Recommendations toward Effective Leadership
  • Hope-Centered Leadership in Practice

Academic leadership roles are changing constantly. This free report will help you be a more effective leader during these challenging times.

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