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Academic Leadership Qualities for Meeting Today’s Higher Education Challenges

It’s been said that no one dreams of someday becoming an academic administrator. It’s a tough job that’s only gotten more challenging as budgets shrink, public scrutiny rises, and responsibilities continue to grow.

Academic leadership requires a unique skill set – part field general, part mediator, part visionary, and part circus barker – to name just a few. But what does it really take to be an effective leader? This free report features 13 articles from Academic Leader and gives you an inside look on what it takes to succeed, whether you’re an experienced administrator or just starting out.

The articles in this free report include:

  • Petty Principles: A Toolbox for Leaders in Higher Education
  • Leadership Behaviors: Improving the Likelihood of Academic Affairs Success
  • Leading a Diversity Culture Shift: The Pivotal Role of Academic Leadership
  • 10 Recommendations Toward Effective Leadership
  • Pure Heart Leadership
  • The Multiple Roles of Department Chairs in Guiding Faculty Career Changes
  • Things I Wish My Department Chair Would Say About Teaching
  • The Challenge of Leading Change: Some Remedies for Resistance
  • Creating an Effective Mentoring Program
  • Zen and the Art of Higher Education Administration

Academic leadership roles are changing constantly. This free report will help you be a more effective leader during these challenging times.