Effective Classroom Management

Stack of books and place holders for research paper

The Research Paper that Thwarts Plagiarism

I teach research-based Composition II courses every semester. My students learn information literacy, look up academic, peer-reviewed journals, create and correctly structure works cited pages,

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Hands emerge together to form hearts, symbolizing fairness and equality in the classroom

Fair and Equal

“There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people.” This quote, attributed to Thomas Jefferson, is often used in gifted education to

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Find your way to equity in higher education with the help of the North Star

Finding Our Way to Equity*

This article is featured in the resource guide, Effective Online Teaching Strategies. By now, most educators have seen the images of equity versus equality versus

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Student mom sits at computer with antsy child

Supporting Students Who Are Moms

Imagine constantly feeling pulled in multiple directions while trying to balance life as a college student and a mom. Keeping up with readings, devoting time

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