Strategies for Increasing Online Student Retention and Satisfaction

Despite the tremendous growth of distance education, retention remains its Achilles’ heel. Estimates of the failed retention rate for distance education undergraduates range from 20 to 50 percent. Distance education administrators believe the failed retention rate for online courses may be 10 to 20 percent higher than for face-to-face courses. Failure to address online course retention will have a significant impact on a program’s bottom line and ability to grow.

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Strategies for Increasing Online Student Retention and Satisfaction

As an increasing number of colleges and universities identify online education as a critical component to their long-term strategy, the issue of retention can no longer be ignored. It is mandatory for everyone who touches the distance learner to understand why these students leave their online courses, and what it will take to keep them there.

Retention strategies for keeping your online students engaged

Featuring a collection of top articles from Distance Education Report, this new Faculty Focus Special Report provides practical strategies for improving online student retention, engagement and satisfaction. Articles include:

  • 11 Tips for Improving Retention of Distance Learning Students
  • Understanding the Impact of Attrition on Your School
  • Taking a Holistic View of Student Retention
  • Eight Suggestions to Help You Get Your Retention Act Together Now
  • Online Mentoring Builds Retention
  • Nine Truths about Recruitment and Retention
  • Finding Helpful Patterns in Student Engagement
  • Reducing the Risk: Effects of a First Year Experience Course for Non-Traditional Students
  • Service Center: A Strategy to Promote Student Retention

With the strategic importance of distance education courses on the rise, this report will help you understand the key variables that impact the retention of your web-based students and adopt proactive strategies proven to mitigate potential retention problems.

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If you’re worried about losing your online students, you’ll want to get your hands on Strategies for Increasing Online Student Retention and Satisfaction, a special report developed to give you the strategies you need to keep your students engaged and enrolled. This report was published in Jan. 2009.