You Belong Here: Making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a Mission in the Classroom

This free report provides perspective on how faculty and universities can make diversity, equity, and inclusion a mission on campus and in the classroom. Although these conversations may be uncomfortable. They may be awkward and hard. If we don’t talk about race in the classroom, where else will it happen? It’s time to break the code of silence about race in the classroom and focus on creating a welcoming and diverse environment. This is not the job of one single person; it requires full participation from faculty and students alike.

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You’ll find the following articles in this free report:

  • It’s OK to Be Angry, But Work to Bring About Change
  • Using Brief Moments of Inquiry to Enrich Student Learning
  • Syllabi: Leveling the Playing Field
  • Breaking the Code of Silence about Race in the Classroom
  • Creating a Respectful Classroom Environment
  • Activities for Building Cultural Competencies in Our Students and Ourselves
  • Inclusion by Design: Tool Helps Faculty Examine Their Teaching Practices
  • Teachable Moments about Privilege
  • Making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion a Mission, Not Just an Initiative