Online Assessment, Grading, and Feedback

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Re-envisioning Online Course Revision

The events of 2020 have highlighted the benefits of change-adept teaching in higher education, particularly online.  Change-adept teaching involves skill in changing one’s approach to

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Student watches course online and laughs at the content

Encouragement for Online Learners

This article is featured in the resource guide, Effective Online Teaching Strategies. Prior to every course, faculty should consider how they can connect with their

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balanced feedback

The Need for Balanced Feedback

In the online class environment, students enjoy many advantages, such as increased scheduling flexibility, ability to balance work and school, classroom portability, and convenience. But there are potential shortcomings as well, including the lack of student-instructor interaction and a student not understanding the instructor’s expectations. A key mechanism to convey expectations while increasing student-instructor communication is relevant, timely, constructive, and balanced instructor feedback.

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