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Examples and Tips on How to Write a Teaching Philosophy Statement

For most educators, writing a philosophy of teaching statement is a daunting, even unpleasant, task. Sure they can motivate the most lackadaisical of students, juggle a seemingly endless list of responsibilities, make theory and applications of gas chromatography come alive in lecture, and find time to offer a few words of encouragement to a homesick freshman, but when it comes to articulating their teaching philosophy… suddenly they’re unsure where to even start.

This free report makes navigating the uncertain waters of writing a philosophy of teaching statement a tad easier to steer.

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Articles Include:

  • How to Write a Philosophy of Teaching and Learning Statement
  • Does Your Teaching-Learning Philosophy Align with Your Teaching?
  • Teaching and Advising Philosophy and Style
  • My Teaching Philosophy: A Dynamic Interaction Between Pedagogy and Personality
  • A Stupid Letter to My Student
  • Education as Becoming: A Philosophy of Teaching
  • My Teaching Philosophy: Make Learning Fun
  • Teaching Philosophy and Assumptions
  • Teaching Philosophy Statements Prepared by Faculty Candidates
  • Writing the “Syllabus Version” of Your Philosophy of Teaching
  • Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement: Why, What, and How