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Educational Assessment: Designing a System for More Meaningful Results

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Assessing institutional effectiveness is a noble pursuit, but measuring student learning is not always easy. As with so many things we try to quantify, there’s much more to learning than a number in a datasheet.

When it comes to assessment. Sometimes there are more questions than answers, even after you get the results.

How do you define success?
How do you know what your students are learning?
Are you happy with your assessment results?
Will you use the results to bring changes to learning goals, curriculum, teaching methods, and perhaps the assessments themselves?

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Articles included:

  • Counting Something Leads to Change in an Office or in a Classroom
  • An Accountability Program Primer for Administrators
  • An Effective Approach to Generating Questions for Guiding Program Assessment and Reform
  • The Dash to Dashboards
  • Collaborating on Rubric Development: A Work in Progress
  • Surviving Your Regional Accreditation: A Tongue-in-Cheek Reflection
  • The Faculty and Program-Wide Learning Outcome Assessment
  • Assessing the Degree of Learner-Centeredness in a Department or Unit
  • Keys to Effective Program-Level Assessment