App Review: Doceri Combines Screencasting, Desktop Control, and Interactive Whiteboard

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  1. Mark Willis

    As a teacher of Mathematics in Thailand this App is awesome and completely revolutionised my teaching.

  2. Kopano Matsaseng

    Dear Dave, this is an awesome application and would like to use for my online tutorial program but unfortunately I am an IPad user. Is there another you can recommend that runs on other devices – laptop; PC, etc. and still offer similar features? Best regards,

    1. danichu

      Did you mean to say that you are NOT an iPad user? This App is specifically for iPads. You can either integrate it with your PC/Mac OR use it as a stand alone on your iPad (in conjunction with the likes of Apple TV to broadcast an image to a projector).

      I have been using this App for over two years now and find it simply indispensable.

  3. Tim Stricklett

    This is an awesome and powerful tool to use in the classroom. I can control my computer with my iPad, create projects on my computer USING my iPad, have an interactive whiteboard, immedicately show student work using the camera function and create screencasts. All these features and more at the FRACTION of the cost to buy hardware and software to do the same things. Thanks so much for this product!

  4. Joan

    Does the Doceri app allow a classroom full of students holding ipads to connect and show their work one at a time? I realize they could not all connect to one stmartboard at a time, but can they connect one after the other and show their work?

    1. Rachel

      All of the students in my high school math class have an iPad. I had them download the free Doceri app at the start of the year. They are able to write out their work and then show it one at a time to the class through AppleTV. More often, I will hand a student my iPad and have them explain the steps as they work it out. This is a great alternative to board work, especially for students with math anxiety.
      I love the freedom of being able to walk around the room as I teach and write on the white board, save early versions of presentations so I start each class with "clean slate", and have a recording of the lesson for absent students.

  5. marshell

    Another great advancement in education technology industry.

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