Adding QuizShow to Your Teaching Toolbox

Are you looking to try something new in your classroom? You may wish to try QuizShow!

QuizShow was created a few years ago for use at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University in Washington, D.C. It’s a game show-like software program that is both easy and fun to use with your students during class. Best of all, QuizShow is free of charge and has no copyright restrictions.

Briefly, QuizShow offers one or two rounds of game play with an optional final question. For each round you can optionally place an image of your choice behind the question “cards” so that a small portion of the background image is revealed after each question. This feature makes it especially suitable to using rebus-like background images.

To learn more about QuizShow, please watch this short video overview.

Here are two key things to note about QuizShow:

  1. QuizShow must run in a “Windows XP” operating system environment. The computer you use must run either: (1) “XP Mode” software (which is a free download for Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise operating system versions), (2) Windows XP software, or (3) a Mac computer with Windows XP emulation software. [QuizShow is not compatible with the Windows Vista operating system.]
  2. Place QuizShow and all associated game and background graphic files in the same folder. (If you use QuizShow with several courses, it is recommended that you create separate QuizShow folders for each course.)

QuizShow has several built-in features to make it easy to learn and use:

  • You can create game files several different ways – using a plain text editor or the built-in game board creator and editor. You have complete flexibility and control over game categories and questions.
  • Large display text. Questions, when selected, are large enough for all students to see (even if you’re teaching in an auditorium).
  • You can play with or without built-in sound effects.
  • While questions have point values, you can play with or without keeping score. (If you choose to keep score, a “Daily Double” feature is available for as many game board questions as you select.)
  • Numerous Help options (including HTML and PDF Help files) are available.

To download QuizShow, go to There you will find a ZipFile containing the following files:

  • QuizShow.exe (4.8 MB)
    This is the executable game file. It is a standalone file.
  • QuizShow_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf (505K)
    This PDF Start Guide is designed to “get you up and going” with QuizShow quickly.
  • QuizShow_User_Guide.pdf (735K)
    A complete QuizShow PDF User’s Guide.
  • QuizShow_Game_Template.pdf (9K)
    An easy-to-follow format for creating QuizShow game files using a plain text editor (such as Notepad or WordPad). If you create a game file using a non-plain text editor, such as Microsoft Word, you must save it as a plain text file.
  • QuizShow slides.pdf (6.3 MB)
    This is a copy of the QuizShow slides used in the accompanying explanatory video.
  • Round_1.txt (1K)
    A sample game board for Round 1 play. A sample rebus file (rebus.jpg) is uncovered during game play. The solution to the rebus is: “What are you learning here at school?” (You may wish to edit this graphic and replace the word “school” with your institution’s name or mascot.)
  • Round_2.txt (1K)
    A sample game board for Round 2 play. This file will be automatically loaded by QuizShow when you click the “advance triangle” at the bottom right corner of the QuizShow screen when playing with the “Round_1.txt” file. A background photograph of the National Defense University (file: ndu.jpg) is uncovered during game play. A final sample question is included with this game file, for optional use.
  • rebus.jpg (140K)
    A sample background file (used as the game background image by the “Round_1.txt” game file).
  • ndu.jpg (1.3 MB)
    A sample background file (used as the game background image by the “Round_2.txt” game file).
  • help.html (59K)
    Help information, similar to the “QuizShow_User_Guide.pdf” file, that you can read with any web browser software.
  • QuizShow_Copyright_Information.doc (1K)
    You can provide this file to the IT Department at your institution – showing that QuizShow may be used without fee or copyright concerns.

Like most activities in the classroom, QuizShow is most effective when used sparingly during a semester or term. It has proven to be especially effective during examination reviews. Have fun with it!

Dr. Ken Alford is an Associate Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University and chair of the 2012 Teaching Professor Conference.