Using Synchronous Tools to Build Community in the Asynchronous Online Classroom

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  1. Michael Palmer

    It would be great to get a list of synchronous tools that the author has in mind. I assume that Skype would be one as would Go To Meeting (although GTM does not do pictures). Is there anything else out there that qualifies?


    Mike Palmer

    1. Michelle Kosalka

      Mike and all,

      I've had luck within the Blackboard LMS using Wimba and Elluminate Live/Blackboard Collaborate. Outside of the LMS, I've used both Skype and even Yahoo Messenger to work with students in order to have a video link as well as a chat window. I've used Go To Meeting for working with faculty. Others have suggested chat rooms like TinyChat or Chatzy, Google Talk, and more. I've known faculty who have used the FaceTime function on their iPhones to work with other students who also have iPhones to get a face-to-face discussion. These may offer some real-time solutions for those without a synchronous tool available within the LMS.

      Of course, working with your college/university to see which tools are approved or suggested for use with students is always an important step. If none are at present, then you've opened the conversation!

  2. MidwestProf

    I have also used Mikogo and along with Skype and GoogleTalk.

  3. Prue Posner

    I guess I am just a fuddy duddy 🙁 I love using skype to conference with students when I teach my research course online. I can't even imagine another tool as useful as that for creating a comfortable environment for the student who is unsure of the material or finds asynchronous learning confusing. Now that I can create a skype conference with 8 students, and share my desktop – it is amazing.

  4. Raymond Allard

    Since we are heading heavily into online education, (which I think adds a barrier between teacher and student,) any tool that provides individualization and personal contact is a positive tool.

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