May 9, 2012

Enough Time to Make a Difference in Students’ Lives


It’s that time of the year when students leave us. Some graduate and we celebrate their growth and intellectual accomplishments. We are sorry to see them go. Others cross the stage and their parting is no cause for sweet sorrow. Some leave without ever crossing the stage. And some temporarily leave, returning in the fall or for a summer session.

September 28, 2010

Sacrifices to Attend College


I’m cleaning out my Dad’s apartment and found a letter from the President of Washington State University addressed to my grandfather. The letter tells him that his daughter Barbara (my much loved aunt) has made the All-College Honor Roll for the sixth time and that no student does this without being “thoughtful” and “earnest minded.”

August 19, 2010



Dad died on July 31. He was 98 and it was time, although I don’t think that makes the empty feeling any smaller. Dad was very religious, attending the same small Bible church for 65 years, and he preached there

July 1, 2010



The capacity to learn and to use what we’ve learned is one of those things that makes life worth living. When the mind delivers what we need or helps us understand something new, we take it for granted, unable to imagine its absence. Like so much else in life, learning is a gift to be used and enjoyed. But it is also one of those gifts that sometimes wears out.

December 17, 2009

Oh Those Students. . .


Even with the holidays upon us, it’s hard not to think about those students who did poorly in our courses this semester.

Some of them just didn’t make the effort. They tend to be the ones who don’t really know why they’re in college or what they want to do with their lives. At this moment, it’s the social life — meeting new people, the parties, games, and the myriad of “fun” things college kids can find to do.