Transform Your Students’ Online Learning Environment with Resources, Apps, and Games

Creating an online classroom environment that engages, teaches, and supports students is no easy feat. But it’s definitely not an impossible one. Here, we provide tools, links, and resources for BookSnaps, escape rooms, breakout rooms, games, and more for your online class – whether you’re a college professor or K-12 teacher, these resources are for everyone.

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Articles include:

  • A Reflection on the Sudden Transition: Ideas to Make Your Synchronous Online Classes More Fun
  • BookSnaps for Enhancing Student Learning
  • Escape Rooms for Increased Student Engagement
  • Using Breakout Rooms with Less Stress and Better Results
  • How to Convert PDF Files to Digital Worksheets in Google Slides
  • Fostering Fun: Engaging Students with Asynchronous Online Learning
  • Games as Study Aids
  • Curation Made Easy with Wakelet