Technology in the Classroom

Student has virtual reality headset in classroom

We live in a time of never-before held access to information, which means educators must compete with a wide-ranging array of media for the finite attention of their students’ minds. With so much out there that people can be exposed to and consume, teachers and administrators must ensure the material they are presenting will be just as appealing and notable to students as anything they can see on TV or the Internet.

Evolving models of education acknowledge that simply lecturing to students, or having them read walls of text, does not always translate to the material being retained. For these purposes as well as others, tech is becoming a much greater element of the classroom environment.

Students today are just as liable to bring laptops and tablets into their study halls as they are to have a book. An ever-growing number of classrooms are no longer focused on whiteboards and projectors, but instead on interactive smartboards connected to the internet that are capable of multimedia presentations.

The possibilities for instruction have also multiplied since video conferencing is able to connect teachers and classes across buildings and clients. The following guide offers more information about how emerging technology is providing new ways for students to learn.

Improved Education Through Improved Technology from McCann Systems