App Review: Voice Record Pro

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  1. Ven2013

    Salpeter, 1999 opined that technology in education accelerate, enrich and deepen basic skills of students who are in a student centered learning environment. These students learn faster with more depth of understanding. Further, when technology is used for real communication with real audience, then these students are capable of talking to mature audience due to the technological exposure. Technology therefore facilitates cooperative learning and encourages new roles for learners.….

  2. Dee

    I uploaded VRP before a meeting I needed to record. I made a couple quick tests to familiarize myself with it, and as you state, it's very user-friendly. During the break, I pressed "PAUSE", and when we reconvened, pressed the button to re-start. At the end of the hour-long meeting, I pressed "STOP" and when I went to replay later in the afternoon, only the 1st half of the meeting was there. Talk about panic! (I need to write a report) I checked twice during the 2nd half to make sure it was recording – the meters were active and assumed all was fine. Any idea why it appeared to be recording, but only saved the first 30 minutes? Very frustrating.

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