Tips for Designing Your Course for Reuse

The initial design of your course will have a big impact on how much time and effort will be required to update it in the future. Here are some tips from the University of Michigan School of Nursing to consider as you create your course to accommodate future changes:

  • Use the appropriate medium to suit the anticipated frequency of updates. Word documents and Web pages are easier to change than PDF documents and video.
  • Break information into manageable chunks. Not all course components have the same shelf life. By creating a course comprised of relatively small chunks, you will be able to more easily identify which elements need to be updated.
  • Leave room for new topics. In addition to revising existing content, you may need to add new information. Leaving space for this new content reduces the need for redesigning the course.


University of Michigan School of Nursing. “How to Create an Online Course.” Accessed here on February 20, 2008.