When Teaching Large Classes, Think Like a Tutor

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  1. Stan Mandel

    I am about to teach my first really large class (140) after teaching mostly smaller ones (25). I find this of value in either situation. Well done…and thanks…Stan Mandel

  2. Zorlu

    How do you define a large class?

  3. riusdi

    I think we need to consider the age of the student and where they are developmentally. Can you actually teach 100 10- years olds well in a large class? Likewise are 80-100 15 years olds learning chemistry in one class a good idea? They are not developmentally ready for some of the metacognitive things we are asking them to do– nor is their attention span able to keep them reflective and learning for all of the 50-80 minutes they are sitting in a classroom. This may be appropriate for college level or upper level high school students but we need to consider the consequences when we apply this strategy to elementary and middle school children as well as high school students who are still adolescents and developing both physically, mentally and emotionally.

  4. Joyce RN, BSN

    Thank you for taking the time to share this research based information. It confirms some of the methods
    that I use, and gives ideas for suggestions that I'd like to try.

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