Faculty Focus


Group of colleagues laugh with one another

Appreciating Our Colleagues

This article first appeared in Maryellen Weimer’s blog in November 2009. © Magna Publications. All rights reserved. I appreciate what my colleagues do for me. I

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Woman's brain side is filled with colors and imagination

Mind Wandering

This article first appeared in the Teaching Professor on November 23, 2016. © Magna Publications. All rights reserved. Many students don’t pay much attention in class. They

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Teacher sits at desk looking tired

Waking up to Tired Teaching

This article is part of The Path to Wellbeing: Overcoming Burnout and Reigniting Your Teaching special report. Download a FREE copy here. I have been

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Syllabus and curriculum plans drawn out in a notebook

Revisiting the Syllabus

The syllabus—most of us use them, many of our students don’t read them.  We wondered if this venerable artifact of teaching might merit a revisit. 

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