October 29, 2009

Chronic Course Shoppers: What is the Impact of Dropping and Adding Courses?


Most colleges and universities have fairly lenient drop/add policies. Students can drop a course well into the semester, and courses can be added during a short time window at the beginning of the semester or term. During that course add period, some students do course shopping. They sign up for a course, attend the first couple of sessions, then drop the course and replace it with another course.

October 27, 2009

A Long Life of Learning


My much-loved Aunt Barbara died last week, 10 days past her 100th birthday. It was time—her mind had left her several years ago.

Barbara loved learning and that love filled her final decades with richness and reward. She matched her broad and eclectic interests with a fierce commitment to mastering new ideas and skills. At 94, when she could barely operate her TV remote and was just about to move into assisted living, she begged me to help her pick out a computer.