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Using “Mulligans” to Enhance Student Participation and Reduce Test Anxiety

When I speak with other professors who work extensively in the classroom, we often find that we share many of the same challenges. Students’ lack of classroom participation in discussion and test anxiety are two of the most common. Many professors try to mitigate these issues through two time-honored pedagogical tactics: a participation grade and extra credit questions on tests. While both tactics can be effective, by applying concepts from gamification research I found a way to both enhance classroom participation and reduce test anxiety with one simple technique.

Show the Learner Visible Signs of Their Learning

One of the strengths of gamification is that it provides visible milestones of the student’s mastery of content in real time (when it is well designed). Too often in an instructional setting, the learner doesn’t know whether or not he or she really understands or can apply the knowledge they are learning. There is often no visible sign of mastery of the content or application of the content.

Recent Seminars

Gamification: Applying Game Principles to Your Teaching

The principles that underpin successful games (display progress, maximize competition, calibrate difficulty carefully, provide diversions and employ narrative elements) can be used to transform student learning. You can use these principles in all types of classes to create an educational experience that puts students on a path to mastery.

Online Seminar • Recorded on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

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