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Academic Leader provides important insights to help you set direction, solve problems, and make a positive imprint on your campus.

First published in 1984, Academic Leader delivers keen perspective on the issues that impact you and your campus. Whether it’s a nuts-and-bolts issue like how to run a departmental meeting effectively, or a big-picture challenge like advocating for change, Academic Leader helps provide clarity and direction.

Each month, you’ll find up-to-the-minute information and proven, practical techniques that you can employ to further the mission of your department and your institution. The articles cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Setting academic priorities
  • Faculty development and evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Assessment, evaluation, and accreditation
  • Budgeting and resource management
  • Collegiality and creating a positive campus culture
  • Making the transition from faculty to administrator
  • Leadership development

Available in print or electronic format, Academic Leader provides practical information and advice from peers on leadership issues of primary importance to department chairs, academic deans, provosts, and other academic leaders.

Here’s a snapshot of what our readers say they like about Academic Leader:
“It provides some excellent advice on dealing with the issues that deans and chairs face on a daily basis.”

“Articles are pertinent, thought-provoking, current and they often spark conversations and/or inform decisions made by committees and groups.”

“Gives suggestions on key issues; helps me to be proactive in my activities with faculty and others on important issues and concerns.”

“Gives new perspectives on issues I face every day.”

“Timely and practical articles; easily and quickly read.”

“It provides me with some new ideas — explaining what others do and reminding me what I should be doing to be an effective chair.”

“Gives great practical advice; gives me ideas that I incorporate in my current job as a faculty development dean; stimulates discussion amongst those with whom I share the newsletter.”

Every article in every issue is crisp, concise and highly relevant. Here’s just a small sampling of what subscribers have been reading in recent months:

  • Promoting Research while Advancing Instruction
  • Recruiting a Diverse, Culturally Competent Faculty
  • Sustaining Assessment Efforts
  • How to Evaluate Your Faculty Development Services
  • The Community Role and Challenges of a College Leader
  • Linking Learning Outcomes across the Curriculum
  • Strategies to Build and Maintain a Successful Academic Unit
  • Managing Opposing Viewpoints

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