January 9, 2009

Top Teaching and Learning Challenges for 2009

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EDUCAUSE, the association for information technology in higher education, released its list of Top Teaching and Learning Challenges for 2009. Voted on by the EDUCAUSE teaching and learning community, the top five challenges are:

1. Creating learning environments that promote active learning, critical thinking, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation.
2. Developing 21st-century literacies among students and faculty (information, digital, and visual).
3. Reaching and engaging today’s learner.
4. Encouraging faculty adoption and innovation in teaching and learning with IT.
5. Advancing innovation in teaching and learning (with technology) in an era of budget cuts.

Now that the top teaching and learning challenges have been identified, the association is asking for solutions around each challenge. If you have a resource to suggest, or information on how your campus is solving any of these issues, you are invited to visit the project wiki for details on how you can get involved.

Faculty Focus welcomes your thoughts on which of these five you feel is the biggest challenge facing your school this year. Please enter your comments below.

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