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Teach Live, Online Classes with WizIQ App for iPad and Android Tablets

WizIQ, the award-winning online education platform, today announced the new version of its App for iOS and Android that enables teachers to conduct live, online classes using iPad and Android tablets.

The earlier version of the app was available only to students who could attend live classes using their tablet devices. The App has now been upgraded to incorporate various teacher-centered features. Teachers can now access the WizIQ Virtual Classroom and stay connected with their students on the go through their tablet devices.

The new WizIQ App is an important learning and instructional tool for more than 3 million students and nearly 250,000 teachers, trainers, and teaching organizations currently registered on WizIQ.

The new version of the WizIQ App allows teachers to:

  • Conduct online classes, anytime and anywhere
  • Record live classes
  • Text chat with students during a live class
  • Connect with students using live audio and video communication
  • Use Whiteboard tools built into WizIQ to write or draw anything
  • Upload and share audio/video files from content library and media player
  • Use and share content, including presentations, reports, documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and multimedia files
  • Add and delete whiteboard tabs and navigate between them
  • Allow students to use the microphone, webcam, and write on the whiteboard
  • Acknowledge and respond to students’ queries
  • Extend class duration
  • See the attendee list during a live class and access attendance reports

WizIQ App is free and can be easily installed by visiting App Store and Google Play.

About WizIQ
WizIQ is an award-winning online education platform that offers SaaS-based virtual classroom software and complete course delivery system for teachers, trainers, colleges and universities, high schools, and training and tutoring centers. WizIQ has over 250,000 teachers and 3 million learners using the platform in more than 100 countries around the world. WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom is also available on tablet devices and supports 19 languages, including Arabic and European languages. For more information, visit: http://www.wiziq.com