Panopto and Instructure Expand Integration between Lecture Capture and Learning Management Systems

Video platform provider Panopto today announced a unique, expanded integration with Canvas, an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) by Instructure, enabling educators and students one-click access to Panopto-recorded video lectures inside Canvas and enabling IT administrators one-click integration of all courses and lectures.

For IT administrators, the integration reduces the effort typically involved in connecting lecture capture and learning management systems. With one mouse click, administrators can now connect all courses within Canvas to their associated lecture recordings, and set up single sign on (SSO) between the two systems.

“Panopto is the only product that allows us to connect our lecture videos with all of our Canvas courses at once,” said Brent Saltzman, Division of Information Technology at Creighton University. “As a result, my team will save time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually integrating courses one at a time.”

Faculty can now record new videos directly from within Canvas. With one click, instructors can launch Panopto’s recording software in order to capture lectures and supplementary course videos.

For students, the integration simplifies access to course recordings. Without leaving Canvas, students can view live and on-demand Panopto videos. They can also access recordings from their iPad or iPhone using Panopto’s mobile app.

“Panopto has built a deeper integration into Canvas that will make it easier for students, teachers and administrators to leverage video instruction inside the LMS,” said Brian Whitmer, co-founder and chief product officer of Instructure. “This is a great step forward for our collective customers because it shifts the focus from using the technology to educating the students.”

The integration seamlessly connects the two products, providing universities with an online learning solution that is ideal for traditionally enrolled students as well as for large-scale open course access via the web.

“Panopto and Instructure share a belief that technology should simplify and enhance the learning experience,” said Eric Burns, co-founder and chief product officer of Panopto. “We’re providing institutions with the easiest path to connecting their lecture capture and learning management systems.”

The Panopto-Canvas integration is available free to customers in Panopto 4.4.

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