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goCharge Keeps Students Connected on the Go

New York, New York – With college students’ insatiable appetite for technology, and their growing dependence on mobile devices for instant information, socializing, and academic course materials, there is a fast-growing demand to keep mobile devices charged up on the go, especially on campus. goCharge (www.gochargenow.com; www.facebook.com/gochargenow), the nation’s leading provider of mobile device charging stations with built-in charging chords to accommodate nearly all models of cell phones, smart phones, tablets and music players, is smartly addressing this need. The company has installed hundreds of goCharge stations in high-traffic venues, including a vast array of college campuses across the United States.

“There has been an overwhelming response from students and staff who have taken advantage of this free benefit,” explained Robert Weber, Senior Network Manager at Northern Kentucky University, where there are 19 units. “Rarely do I see a goCharge station not in use.“

goCharge is empowering students with its mobile charging kiosks at schools across the country. These include Virginia Tech, Northern Kentucky, University of Arizona, California State, Ohio State, Buffalo State, University of Cincinnati, Suffolk University, Berklee College of Music, University of Nevada-Reno, Louisiana State, and others. Many more are in the process of being installed, making goCharge the top provider of charging solutions for students. From student lounges to libraries, goCharge’s free charging stations serve students as they traverse between classes, libraries, sporting events, and dining halls. “The goCharge machines are a life saver,” said junior Brad Klodowski at Virginia Tech’s student center. “I use my phone and iPad for everything. If I spend the entire day on campus and I don’t have my chargers with me, I don’t have to worry about my batteries dying. I just charge up between classes.”

“The proliferation of goCharge stations are destined to become as ubiquitous as ATMs on college campuses,” explained goCharge CEO David Walke. “Just as ATMs offer fast, convenient, self-service cash, goCharge offers fast, convenient, self-service electrical power for mobile devices.”

Recent reports detailing the rise of mobile device ownership, in America and globally, are overwhelming. A February 2012 report by Pew Research Center disclosed that 88% of Americans own at least one cell phone — over half of which are smart phones. Cisco followed with a report in March concluding that by the end of 2012 there will be more mobile devices on the planet than there are humans. In May, Nielson reported that smartphone users have an average of 41 mobile apps, an increase of 28% since 2011, and people are spending exponentially more time using their apps. In the college market, a 2010 Ball State University study concluded that 99.8% of students owned at the very least a cellphone.

About goCharge
goCharge is the world’s leading provider of Mobile Device Charging Kiosks. The Company offers an innovative line up of kiosks in floor and tabletop models, complete with up to 16 custom configured charging tips, a patent-pending charging technology which provides the fastest charging speeds available, and options including LCD Digital Screens from 10.2” up to 40”, illuminated billboards, lockers to secure the devices, and wrapping capability for sponsorship and branding. The kiosks can be fitted with a credit card reader or bill collector, or can be free charging.

goCharge kiosks are located in bars, malls, sports arenas, coffee shops, university student unions, hospital waiting rooms, military bases, and many other venues. goCharge Kiosks are also frequently present at conferences and conventions, as well as a sponsorship vehicle at events across the country.