Upcoming Live Online Seminars

Building a Tougher Student: Applying the Research on Intellectual Development

Explore how the way students think and learn has changed, as well as two research-based models and a set of strategies for using these models to build resilience and enhance critical thinking in your classroom.

March 8, 2018 • 1:00 pm Central • 60 Minutes • $247

Students and Social Media: How Much is Too Much?

This seminar will provide evidence-based best practices and related information and insights that can be used immediately to respond more effectively and efficiently to the needs of students who are experiencing emotional and mental health challenges due to their extensive involvement with social media.

March 15, 2018 • 1:00 pm Central • 60 Minutes • $247

Strategies for Making Lectures More Active, Engaging, and Meaningful

Participants will learn a series of low-risk, very easy to implement strategies, tips, and tools that they can implement to make their lectures more student-centered and engaging in order to promote higher level learning.

March 29, 2018 • 1:00 pm Central • 60 Minutes • $247

Creative Course Design: Yes You Can!

Examine the value of interdisciplinary thinking to solve learning challenges, discover how to apply creative approaches to your course outcomes and assessments, and discover new excitement for teaching and collaborating within your discipline.

April 10, 2018 • 1:00 pm Central • 60 Minutes • $247 $147

Collaborative Learning Approaches that Support Neurodiverse Students

Many of today’s students come to campus with mental, emotional, and social challenges. Explore practical strategies to help all students successfully contribute to collaborative learning activities.

April 19, 2018 • 1:00 pm Central • 60 Minutes • $247

The Role of the Strategic Plan in Building Faculty Development Programs

Learn the steps for creating an effective and dynamic strategic plan, ways of using the strategic plan to build institutional support for faculty development programs, and methods for using the strategic plan to communicate with outside stakeholders.

April 19, 2018 • 1:00 pm Central • 60 Minutes • $247

Editor’s Picks

Below you will find a few of our most recent, top-rated online seminars. They’re available on-demand, starting at $99. To see the complete library of archived seminars, visit Magna Publications.

Evidence-Based Teaching

Evidence-Based Teaching in Higher Education: Strategies to Improve Student Learning

What instructional methods are more likely to help students learn better and retain information longer? Listen in as Maryellen Weimer and Victor Benassi discuss what the “science of learning” has established about the way students learn. Learn More »

How to Observe and Evaluate Online Teaching

When it comes to observing and evaluating the quality of online courses, you might feel as if you’re navigating uncharted waters—especially if you don’t have online teaching experience yourself. This program provides college administrators with clear processes and measurable criteria for making informed decisions. Learn More »

Learning Assessment Techniques: How to Integrate New Activities that Gauge What and How Well Students Learn

You can find a lot of courses these days on how to be a more effective teacher—but not so many on how to assess that effectiveness. During this seminar, you will learn active-learning techniques you can use to improve student learning and better assess and report the results. The handouts for this session include a comprehensive list of 50 learning assessment techniques that can be integrated into your teaching processes and allow you to achieve the results you need in a more efficient manner. Learn More »

faculty and the law

Overcoming Implicit Bias in Higher Education: How to Recruit, Hire, Manage, and Retain a Diverse Team of Academic Faculty

Although your institution may embrace the goal of a more diverse faculty and staff, you likely face some serious challenges—both subtle and obvious—that can make it difficult to actually reach, and maintain, a diversity that more closely reflects your students and society at large. Get strategies you can use to recruit, hire, and sustain a more diverse department and institution. Learn More »

How much content is too much content?

Taming the Monster: Rethinking the Role of Content

The amount of content in your field grows with each year. So how do you decide what to keep and what to cut? This seminar will teach you innovative ways to think about the content that is critical for your students to learn and remember. You’ll explore the mission of content and how to use it to provide high-quality instruction. Learn More »

Outcomes-Based Assessment

Outcomes-Based Assessment for Teaching & Learning Centers

Faculty development centers rarely operate under financial models that allow them to prove that they are cost-effective. It is therefore important that faculty support centers be able to measure and communicate the value of what they do, particularly in today’s budget climate. This seminar will give you a reliable framework for measuring tangible outcomes for your center and communicating these outcomes clearly to others. Learn More »

Team-based Learning

Team-Based Learning: Strategies for Getting Started

Team-Based Learning is a uniquely powerful and increasingly popular form of small group learning. When properly designed, it can help ensure students leave your class with conceptual and procedural learning, confident in their understanding of course content, and ready to apply it in meaningful ways. It’s also a great teaching approach for the flipped classroom. Learn More »