10 Tips for Designing an Online Learning Environment that Supports Your Students

You’re preparing your online course, from the syllabus to your lectures and assignments. But as you’re designing your online course, are you preparing the students who aren’t prepared for the online realm? This special report introduces learning contracts to increase motivation and self-direction, while providing ways to foster inclusivity and support underprepared online students.

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Articles include:

  • Using Teaching Practices to Support Students’ Learning and Well-Being
  • Using Learning Contracts to Increase Motivation and Self-Direction
  • When the Tide Goes Out: Identifying and Supporting Struggling Students in Online Courses
  • Developing the Professor-Student-Student Bond in Virtual Classes
  • Supporting Underprepared Students in the Online Classroom
  • Seven ways You Can Foster a More Inclusive LGBTQIA+ Learning Environment (Even in the Online Classroom)
  • Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Online Students
  • Adapting for 2021: A Student’s Guide
  • Supporting International Students Online
  • Helping Your Online Students Create a Daily Practice of Self-Connection