Top 10 Rules for Developing Your First Online Course

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  1. Keith O'Neal

    10 Great rules for course development. Thanks for stating them so clearly.

  2. Keith O'Neal

    Rule #1 really sets the tone but is often overlooked and I especially appreciate your thoughts on Rule #5. It is the idea that I'd rather be the faculty member with the largest PLN than the smartest faculty member. My blog series on Teaching Online continues several of these thoughts especially your first two rules,

    Thanks again for your thoughts!

  3. Ray

    I love the rules. Having taken a graduate certificate course in online teaching. One area that we as faculty have no control over is the amount of technological skills or assets the students are armed with when taking online courses. I know this seems off track but I have not read too much about this or did I miss it.


  4. Jennifer

    I think these rules are very helpful. I figured out #10 early on. I'm curious about your comment: "While the premise that people have different learning styles is somewhat controversial". I would be interested to know more about the controversies that you are referring to.


  5. Madoda

    I think our main challange is that we are dealing with students who are working on full time basis. This makes them to focus on thier studies few weeks just before the exams. Meaning they might not participate on your discussion forum, up untill few days before the exams.

    The technique of giving them small amount of work sounds good, but thier participation is vital.

  6. Mario Corbin

    Excellent points, all which could arguably be applied to face to face teaching. What say you in regards to the best service provider for creating an online course? There are so many to choose from that I genuinely feel overwhelmed by the choices. My online courses must tie into my face to face time courses, so to speak, thus I need something that is easily manageable and easy to use for both myself and my students. The point of the online courses for me as well would be to help "flip my classroom", thus giving me more class time to spend helping students engage with the material during face to face class time. Thank you and have a good new year.

  7. Ted Schredd

    Great tips! Thank you.

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