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How Can I Improve My PowerPoint Presentation Skills?

PowerPoint presentations are supposed to support your teaching, not distract or detract from it. Learn how to avoid death by PowerPoint in your classes.

How Can I Be an Effective Mentor?

If you’ve been asked to serve as a mentor, it’s an honor—and a responsibility. But just because you’ve been teaching students for years doesn’t mean you’re ready to advise fellow faculty members without getting a little training yourself. This practical program will give you the tools you need to steer your colleagues toward academic success—which benefits everyone.

How Can I Best Learn from My Mentor?

This program shows you how to find and make the most of the help of a mentor. Gain insights you can use to learn from others, avoid common pitfalls, and support your tenure review process.

How Do I Create a Successful Faculty Mentoring Program?

Led by Kenneth Alford and Tyler Griffin, this 20 Minute Mentor explains how to create a successful faculty mentoring program to welcome new instructors and set them up for success.

Universal Design 4-pack

The Universal Design 4-pack will help you give all students equitable opportunity to engage with your course content, participate in course activities, and demonstrate their knowledge.

How Can Backward Design Make My Courses More Accessible?

Why struggle to remove barriers to learning when you can get things right the first time with backward design? Focusing on what you want students to get out of your course, through backward design, will help you develop creative and accessible assignments that help all students, whether or not they have a disability.

How Can I Make My Course Content More Accessible?

Designed for faculty who are new to the subject of accessibility and making accommodations, this session combines a conceptual approach with real-world tested practical advice. You’ll enhance your awareness of the drawbacks inherent in the most common ways of presenting course content and learn specific techniques for making material more accessible.

How Can I Make My Exams More Accessible?

Designing exams with accessibility in mind can provide you with a more accurate assessment of student learning and bring your assignments into closer alignment with learning objectives. Learn more about how enhancing accessibility can improve your assessments.

How Can I Make the Activities in My Course More Inclusive?

Designed to help you give all your students an equitable opportunity to engage with course activities, How Can I Make the Activities in My Course More Inclusive? will show you how to think about your course in a more inclusive way. You’ll see this process applied in common classroom situations and learn practical tips to help you revise modes of engagement in light of learner differences.

How Do I Prepare a SoTL Article for Publication?

Milt Cox provides practical tips for completing and publishing your SoTL project, as well as the missteps you need to avoid when working with journal editors.

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