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How Do I Include Introverts in Class Discussions?

Introversion is not a learning disability, but many students who have trouble speaking in front of large groups or thinking on their feet can find themselves at a disadvantage in the contemporary college classroom, which puts a premium on active learning and class participation.

The Flipped Classroom: Tips for Integrating Moments of Reflection

“Students in inverted classrooms need to have more space to reflect on their learning activities so that they can make necessary connections to course content” (Strayer, 2012).

If you were to observe a flipped classroom, what do you think would it look like? Maybe students are working in groups. Maybe each group is working on a different problem. Maybe the instructor is walking around the room talking with each group and checking on the students’ progress. And each group of students is probably asking a different question each time the instructor walks by. It’s probably noisy since everyone is talking to each other or engaged in a task. And students are probably standing up or leaning in towards one another to hear their group members talk about the next task. Students might be writing in a workbook, typing on their laptops, or watching a video on the screen of some new technological device.

Keeping Introverts in Mind in Your Active Learning Classroom

Introverts. Who are they and how do we ensure they thrive in active learning classrooms? If you have ever come to the midterm point of the semester and graded a stellar paper of a student whose name you don’t recognize and who has never raised her hand in class, you may have just identified an introvert in your classroom.

Recent Seminars

Helping Introverts Thrive in an Active Learning Classroom

For introverted students, the discomfort of participation far outweighs the benefits of active learning. During this seminar, you’ll gain a wealth of practical, ready-to-implement ideas to enhance the overall cohesion and performance of your classes and make them welcoming places for all students, no matter where they fall on the introversion-extroversion spectrum.

Online Seminar • Recorded on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Shy Students in the College Classroom: What Does it Take to Improve Participation?

When I was in college I never raised my hand. Never. I didn’t raise my hand when I thought I knew the answer. I didn’t raise my hand even when I knew the answer with 100% absolute certainty. And I didn’t raise my hand when the professor was practically pleading for someone, anyone, to please participate.

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