Monday Morning Mentor

What are you looking for in a faculty development program?

Monday Morning Mentor
  1. Quality?
  2. Convenience?
  3. Value?
  4. Ease of use?
  5. Relevance?

The Monday Morning Mentor program goes five-for-five …

The Monday Morning Mentor from Magna Publications is a convenient way to provide professional-development opportunities for your faculty and staff. It’s focused, high-impact, hassle-free online training; that’s also a remarkable value.

Here’s how it works: Each week throughout the school year – 32 weeks in all – we’ll broadcast a different program from our popular 20 Minute Mentor series. Each online program will address an issue of current interest to faculty and staff. Each will be led by one of higher ed’s most respected presenters. And each will provide – in just 20 minutes – actionable information on an important topic.

Imagine having a coordinated, systematic professional-development program for your faculty and staff … and not having to scramble each week to get it done. We provide the speakers, the topics, the programming and the delivery.


Valuable insights on vital topics

The programs in the Monday Morning Mentor address a wide range of faculty and staff issues. Those include:

  • Assessment and learning goals
  • Student engagement
  • Teaching and learning
  • Classroom management
  • Legal issues
  • Physical/mental/emotional health
  • Service learning
  • Teaching online

Every week your faculty and staff will receive tips and techniques they can put to use right away.

View the schedule for the Fall 2014 term »

You can sign up anytime. Your subscription will run for a full 12 months regardless when you sign up.

Easy to manage … and easy to afford

A new Monday Morning Mentor program is available starting Monday mornings and will be accessible for unlimited on-demand viewing for a full week.

Plus, you can share access with anyone on your campus — so even if you can’t always watch the program as a group, everyone still gets to view that week’s Mentor when and where it’s convenient for them. You’ll receive reminders three days prior to, and the day of, each presentation, to help in your planning.

You’ll also receive a facilitator’s guide for each program, to help you engage faculty and staff in productive, meaningful dialogue about the issues.

What you won’t receive is a hefty bill. The entire 32-week subscription (which you can start at any time during the academic year, and receive for a full calendar year) is just $599 … less than $50 per program. Consider what it would cost to send faculty off-campus to programs like these … consider, too, that the regular cost for each of these programs purchased is $99 per program. By any measure, Monday Morning Mentor is a cost-effective and convenient program.

Subscribe now, and give your professional development program a boost!