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Retirement Reflections: Things I Will and Won’t Miss After 33 Years of Teaching

Editor’s note: Maryellen Weimer, editor of The Teaching Professor penned the following column upon her retirement in 2007. As you read it, we encourage you to think about the things you will and won’t miss when you retire. Share your thoughts in the comment box.

I am just about to retire from Penn State and leave my faculty position teaching undergraduates. I’ll still be working; there’s this newsletter to edit and a world of faculty who still need advice, ideas, and encouragement to do their very best in the classroom. But you don’t end 33 years of college teaching without thinking about those things that will and won’t be missed on campus. Here’s my list.

Things I’ll miss:

Things I won’t miss

If you’re retiring this year, please share some of the things you will and won’t miss by clicking on the Add Comment button.