December 18th, 2008

Happy Holidays!


I’m going to take a blog break for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be back with more entries the first week in January. This blog is just about a year old—I’ve been enjoying doing the entries. Thanks for reading and thanks especially to those of you who’ve posted comments and sent emails about various blog entries. I see this blog as having great potential for sharing good ideas and information succinctly. Sometimes that all it takes … a couple of paragraphs and there’s something new to think about or a reminder of something that hasn’t been thought about for a while. If you have content ideas or suggestions about how I could make the blog better, those would be most welcome.

During the break, I hope the busyness of the season doesn’t prevent you from those quiet moments so essential to our well-being as teachers and people. Woodie (my intrepid beagle) and I walk in the woods here at the farm every morning. The other morning was stunningly beautiful. It had been raining, then the temperature dropped and we had a heavy snow squall. A strong wind blew the snow so that the flakes stuck everywhere, on the wet bark, undersides of leaves, on thin branches. Everything was outlined in white. The air was crisp, the sky pale blue with some lingering clouds. I felt so lucky to be alive, so blessed to be living in a place of peace and beauty.

Back in the warm house, with hot coffee in a Christmas mug, I realized that the holidays aren’t special because of all the hoopla. They are meaningful when we respond to their invitation to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

My very best to you and yours.

—Maryellen Weimer