Things every new instructor should know, but probably doesn’t

23 Practical Strategies to Help New Teachers Thrive

The college classroom can be an isolated place. College instructors can spend many terms without knowing how other instructors handle problems, or if their own approach is the most effective one. When you are new to teaching, you’re even more in the dark because you’re encountering everything for the first time.

As a new college instructor, you probably have many questions.

  • How do I write a strong syllabus, then stick with it in the classroom?
  • How do I strike the right balance between high-stakes and low-stakes assignments?
  • What is the best way to start and end each class?
  • How can I manage my students and my workload so I can stay enthusiastic for years to come?

For the new college teacher, it is best to learn from those who have been there. In the latest Magna Publications white paper 23 Practical Strategies to Help New Teachers Thrive, you will discover the tips and techniques that have proven successful for experienced faculty and explore how to use these in your own classes.

This 45-page white paper takes a step-by-step look at some of the strategies used by successful college teachers, with examples and take-aways for your own classroom.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • An introduction to foundational theory of pedagogy
  • How to write an effective syllabus
  • How to write learning goals
  • How to pace your course
  • Metaphors for viewing your own role in the classroom
  • How to structure assignments
  • Tips for classroom pacing
  • How to grade efficiently
  • How to keep students interested and involved
  • How to protect your own “off-time”
  • Ways to deal with compromise in the classroom
  • Who to go to for help
  • How to stay active and enthused for an entire career

You will also receive a comprehensive list of resources for future reading and study, as well as a sample syllabus to use as a model.

Who will benefit?
This report will give you a wealth of ideas to improve your teaching and is written for new college instructors as well as experienced ones, including:

  • New instructors
  • Experienced instructors looking for new approaches
  • Deans and department chairs supervising new faculty


PDF download $99
Print version $139

A Campus Access License is available for an additional $100. It allows the purchasing institution to load the white paper onto the institution’s password-protected internal web site for unlimited access by members of the campus community.

23 Practical Strategies to Help New Teachers Thrive is based on a presentation delivered by Ike A. Shibley, Jr., an associate professor of chemistry at Penn State Berks, a small, four-year college within the Penn State system. He teaches chemistry, philosophy of science, and bioethics classes, and he has won both local and university-wide awards for his teaching. His research involves pedagogical approaches to improving science instruction at the college level.

College teaching can be a long and rewarding career. This white paper will help you address the challenge of the classroom and remain effective and enthusiastic for years to come.


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