Learn how to keep students engaged and your classroom energized

Motivating Students: Four Steps to Dynamic Classes

We all want a classroom full of alert, motivated students … but we often find ourselves with something much different. Yawners … texters … doodlers … snoozers … daydreamers … social medianauts.

Every faculty member has moments of frustration over student motivation (or, more accurately, the lack of it). If you’re looking for ways to better engage and energize your students, you’ll want to join us from this special online seminar presented by one of higher ed’s leading authorities on the subject.

Alice Cassidy, Ph.D., is principal of In View Education and Professional Development and an expert in active and participatory learning. For the past 15 years, she held leadership roles at University of British Columbia’s campus-wide Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth (TAG). Drawing on 20 years of work in faculty development and classroom best practices, she leads Motivating Students: Four Steps to Dynamic Classes, a 60-minute presentation that will help you infuse new energy and enthusiasm into your classroom.

Practical, proven strategies …
During this video seminar, Dr. Cassidy shares proven techniques you can put to work right away, including:

  • A powerful tool to jump-start enthusiasm from day one.
  • Activities and assignments that connect to student interests.
  • Innovative applications of traditional classroom tools.
  • Interest-boosting uses of mixed media, including social media.
  • Goal-setting exercises that maintain student commitment and keep them on track.
  • Opportunities to draw on popular literature and culture while maintaining academic rigor.

When you order the recording of this seminar on CD, you’ll also receive the complete transcript.

An optional Campus Access License is available for an additional $200. It allows the purchasing institution to upload the CD of the seminar onto the institution’s password-protected internal website for unlimited access by the entire campus community.

All seminars include a discussion guide for facilitators
Participating in a Magna Online Seminar as a team can help leverage unique insights, foster collaboration, and build momentum for change. Each seminar includes a Discussion Guide for Facilitators which provides step-by-step instructions for generating productive discussions and thoughtful reflection. You’ll also get guidelines for continuing the conversation after the event, implementing the strategies discussed, and creating a feedback loop for sharing best practices and challenges.


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