Infusing Lecture Courses with Active Learning Strategies

Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students

If you’re growing tired of lecturing, imagine how your students feel. After all, you aren’t the only instructor they have. Your students would probably welcome a change of pace as much as you would.

Every semester you’re faced with a daunting task. You have to deliver an entire course of material to a new group of students of varying abilities and academic backgrounds. They have to meet your expectations to earn satisfactory grades, and you have to meet theirs to earn positive evaluations. It’s a two-way street, and there’s a lot riding on what happens in the classroom. How can your students learn all that you expect them to learn if you’re not the one telling them what they need to know?

The reality is, you don’t have to rely so heavily on the lecture to deliver course material. No one is saying to get rid of lectures altogether. Rather, the idea is to infuse your lectures with active-learning strategies. And when you break up the monotony with student-focused exercises, activities, and questions, your students respond with increased participation and better comprehension.

The list of options for breaking up a lecture is long and varied. Learn easy ways to incorporate active learning into your courses by attending Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students.

Dr. Alice Cassidy leads this hour-long seminar that will give you the inspiration and ideas you need to refresh your course delivery. An expert on active and participatory learning, Cassidy uses real-world problems and examples, narrative, and visual tools to drive home the value and ease of turning students into learning partners.

After watching Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students, you will be prepared to:

  • Turn readings into active student engagement tools
  • Immediately incorporate student feedback into course materials to better reflect the needs of each class
  • Turn student questions into whole-class learning opportunities
  • Improve learning by leveraging student presentations, field trips, and other class activities

Infusing active learning doesn’t require a total course redesign. In Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students, Cassidy delivers approaches that you can adapt and adopt right away. You’ll quickly realize that you don’t have to work more to help students learn more.

This seminar is now available on-demand or on CD. Whichever format you choose, you’ll also receive the complete transcript and all supplemental materials.

An optional Campus Access License is available for an additional $200. It allows the purchasing institution to upload the CD of the seminar onto the institution’s password-protected internal website for unlimited access by the entire campus community.

Lectures are still a valuable pedagogical tool, but sometimes lectures are more effective when you use them a little less often and intersperse them with some other tools and techniques. Even slightly shifting the balance of classes can lead to better outcomes for students and, ultimately, better evaluations for you.

Who will benefit

  • University, college, and other post-secondary instructors
  • Educational and faculty developers

We know that you don’t need a lecture about the value of active learning. What you do need are simple, accessible, and proven approaches that are adaptable to your teaching style and don’t require major revisions to your courses. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students.


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