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Gamification: Applying Game Principles to Your Teaching

If you have heard about game-based learning but haven’t identified best practices for implementing it, you might be missing a unique opportunity to engage your students.

“Edutainment” products have long tried to harness the “fun” quotient of games and video games for teaching. However, many educators struggle to employ the concepts of gamification in an educational setting, and they are finding out it can pose more distraction than discovery.

The principles that underpin successful games (display progress, maximize competition, calibrate difficulty carefully, provide diversions and employ narrative elements) can be used to transform student learning. You can use these principles in all types of classes to create an educational experience that contains the best of both worlds: a game-based overlay without the technical distractions.

Learn the fundamentals of game-based learning by ordering Gamification: Applying Game Principles to Your Teaching. Led by Kevin Yee, PhD, Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence at the University of South Florida, this one-hour session teaches you to use the concepts involved in successful games while providing practical ideas for translating those principles to your classroom or learning management system.

Topics covered

This online seminar addresses practical ways you can apply gaming theory to enhance the learning experience you provide to your students. By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Identify the five principles of gamification
  • Develop strategies to translate these concepts into action in a face-to-face class, a learning management system (LMS), or an online class
  • Adjust curricular designs to take full advantage of gamification elements
  • Wrap the gamification elements around a central location such as an LMS
  • Locate resources to assist you

Games are not just play. Gamification: Applying Game Principles to Your Teaching will explain how the concepts that underpin successful games can transform a college class even without actual digital games.

This seminar is now available on CD. The recording includes the complete transcript and all supplemental materials.

An optional Campus Access License is available for an additional $200. It allows the purchasing institution to upload the CD of the seminar onto the institution’s password-protected internal website for unlimited access by the entire campus community.

Intended audience

Gamification’s unique approach to teaching will help faculty at two-year and four-year higher education institutions conceive of learning in a completely new way. We suggest inviting the following members of your faculty:

  • Professors
  • Associate and assistant professors
  • Lecturers and instructors
  • Graduate teaching assistants

Press start

Game-based learning helps teachers engage students by transforming the educational environment and puts students on a path to mastery. Order Gamification: Applying Game Principles to Your Teaching today.


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