The 2015 Teaching Professor Conference

Why Attend

#1 – Connect with Colleagues from Around the World

Statistics from the 2013 conference

  • Educators from all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam in attendance
  • 9 foreign countries represented
  • 452 schools represented

Map of the number of attendees from each state, province, or country

What did you like most about the conference?

“Talking with colleagues from all parts of the country (and outside the US) on teaching. It was refreshing and invigorating. It really allows instructors to find connections and reinforcement of our profession.”
C.R., Tidewater Community College

“I like that there are so many people from so many places, lots of variety of backgrounds. I like the content and felt there were many offerings I wanted to hear. I like that they “practice what they preach” in terms of utilizing active learning techniques even for the plenary.”
T.H., University of New Mexico

“What I liked most was hearing about common challenges for teaching professors across the country. I realized that the challenges that I face with some students are not local; they are nationwide. I also enjoyed hearing about possible solutions to some of these challenges from some innovative and talented professors.”
J.R., Saint Paul College

“It is energizing to meet teachers from such a range of disciplines and geographic locales.”
L.T., Siena Heights University

#2 Non-Discipline Specific

What did you like most about the conference?

“The chance to network across disciplines; lots of good ideas from people teaching different subjects. I also enjoyed the focus exclusively on Teaching.”
M.M., Michigan Technological University

“The diversity of faculty represented was by far the most positive aspect of the conference. Seeing how ideas from one field work / don’t work in other disciplines is very relevant.”
S.D., Ohio University Lancaster

“It seems that I can probably learn more from teachers in other disciplines than teachers in my own. When I see what others are doing in other disciplines, it seems more like I am trying to make new habits. It just seems easier to adapt what someone in another discipline is doing. I guess when I look at what is being done in another discipline, I can take it apart and make it into new clothes that fit me.”
A.C. Louisiana State University at Alexandria

“The warmness of the speakers & fellow attendees. Everyone was very happy to share ideas & resources. This contrasts to my experience of ‘discipline or research- specific’ conferences where people are more guarded about their work and reluctant to share.”
M.L., University of Newcastle

“All of the different ideas from different disciplines.”
W.J. Chadron State College

#3 Implementable Ideas

How likely is it that you will actually implement the ideas discussed at this conference?

“I enjoyed seeing how many people were passionate about improving their teaching and bringing back ideas to their colleagues. This conference rejuvenated my excitement to re-vamp my syllabus this year and apply some of what I learned at the conference as well as share with others what I learned.”
K.C., Jacksonville University

“The sessions were relevant. I’ve already shared ideas from the conference with colleagues. Also, everything was organized and took place in the hotel. That makes it easier to attend sessions.”
V.M., College of Saint Mary

“The practical nature of the sessions was greatly appreciated. I was inspired by the knowledge presented, so much so that I will change the way I teach. A transformational conference on many levels. Thanks so much for a great experience.”
A.E., Booth University College

“I came back with so many great ideas about how to be a better teacher. Also, I found out that I am doing some things pretty good already which was good for my self-doubting soul.”
L.S., Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette

“The sessions were very well done. Most of the topics were very relevant, and I learned many ideas and perspectives that I can use in the future.”
I.D., University of South Florida

#4 Quality

What did you like most about the conference?

“This was the first time I attended this conference and was impressed. Big enough to have many sessions, but small enough to be manageable. I attended almost every session…unusual for me at a conference!”
V.M., College of Saint Mary

“The overall quality of the conference. I am a first time attendee and quite impressed!”
J.D., Middlesex County College

“Loved the topics. Loved the enthusiasm. Loved the common theme of wanting to be better teachers. We love what we do, all of us, let’s get better at it and learn from each other. Think this is a wonderful conference and great group of people. This conference met its goal to Educate, Engage and Inspire.”
Adrienne Kozlowski, Department of Communication, Wayne State University

“What an excellent way to revive your practice and professionalism before the fall semester begins! I gained a variety of tools to engage my developmental education students.”
G.D., Glendale Community College

#5 Networking

Please rate the networking opportunities within the conference

“With 900+ people in attendance, I met new people at every session I attended, and every meal. Great networking opportunities!”
A.T., New York Chiropractic College

“The networking opportunities and the practicality of most presentations.”
R.B., Pellissippi State Community College

“The networking with all the other professor’s College, University alike all came together with a common goal of helping our students to strive and attain academic excellence.”
K.M., St. Clair College

“The opportunity to hear such excellent presentations and to network with so many dedicated professors.”
S.C., Middle Tennessee State University

“Networking and the information that was very timely and useful! Well done!”
D.B., Schoolcraft College

#6 Focus on Teaching and Learning

What did you like most about the conference?

“The affirmation of being in one room with 900 other educators that care about teaching and learning as much as I do.”
A.T., New York Chiropractic College

“The sessions that had participant activity which actually give a change to try out ideas. Also I learned a lot from colleagues that I sat next too. It was great to meet so many interesting dynamic teachers.”
Conference Attendee

“I like that I met a lot of people who shared my passion for teaching and learning and who were not shy about responding in workshops or starting conversations. I like that workshops had to be teaching-focused and not discipline specific. I enjoyed every session I attended, including my own, because of the wonderful spirit of the participants, all eager to learn and share their wisdom. These faculty all love teaching, no joke.”
M.K., Eastern Nazarene College

“It is nice to take specifically dedicated time to reflect on teaching practices and to talk with like-minded colleagues. Some sessions provided new and interesting ideas.”
C.R., Metropolitan State University of Denver

“It is still a great high to be in a place in higher education where teaching really matters for everyone there.”
Conference Attendee

#7 Organization

Please rate the overall organization of conference

“Excellent work on the conference, very well organized, presented, and in an outstanding venue.”
D.N., Ashford University

“People attending were very friendly and I enjoy how the conference was organized to facilitate discussions among the participants. I learned a lot just talking to people.”
D.W., University of Washington Tacoma

“The size of the conference. It was also very well organized and hand many excellent and worthwhile sessions. I learned a great deal!”
C.E., Walsh University

“Organization and friendliness of organizers!”
Conference Attendee

“Conference was very well organized. Many impressive things along that line.”
– S.G., Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania

“It was very well-organized. The app helped keep me on track and the enthusiasm of the organizers and attendees was contagious. This conference got me thinking more about teaching techniques, philosophies, etc. Quite refreshing, especially when I tend to think more about how to get through sufficient content in my classes.”
L.L., Chadron State College

#8 Quality of Content

Please rate the quality of conference content

“Wow! Great presenters. Excellent information. It was one of the best conferences informational wise that I’ve been to in a while. Great job!”
T.W., North Central Missouri College

“I learned so many new things and received many great (and free!) resources! Thank you so much! I will be using what I’ve learned and sharing with colleagues.”
L.R., Shepherd University

“I loved the practice-based content. I’m rather sick of conferences that are all theory and no practice.”
K.M., Front Range Community College-Boulder County Campus

“I enjoyed seeing the dynamic speakers in most of the talks I attended. It was good to get a “shot in the arm” to encourage me for the fall semester. I think I most enjoyed the discussions I had with my colleagues after each day of sessions.”
A.W., Franklin College

“Great sessions that were thought provoking; lots of options for each time slot. Great keynotes who gave relevant, engaging talks and lots of opportunity to meet with other professionals.”
Conference Attendee

“I was thrilled with the presentation content, excited by the networking and energized by the jazz. Kudos for a wonderful job and for keeping the Learning & Teaching dialogue on the national and international teacher agenda.”
Paul Stephenson, Program Administrator of the Institute for Learning & Teaching Okanagan College Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

#9 You will want to come back

How likely are you to attend a future Teaching Professor Conference?

“This was my 5th year attending the Teaching Professor Conferences. I return to these conferences primarily because of their multi-disciplinary nature, their strong support of learner-centered education and their focus on student engagement. I believe that attending the Teaching Professor Conferences improve my teaching by increasing my awareness of the power of engagement within the university teaching environment. I can also happily attest to an increasing confidence from having acquired new skills and the ease in implementing changes. I have noticed an increased joy in my teaching and a greater willingness and ability to make changes to my courses and teaching strategies. This greater enthusiasm has transformed the classroom environment in a most positive way as well as encouraged a greater collegiality and appreciation of the contributions of both my colleagues and my students.”
Simone Gareau, Campus Saint-Jean – University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


“This was my first time attending this conference and I can’t wait to go to the next one!”
F.D., Onondaga Community College

“This is by far my favorite conference! Always excellent information!”
Conference Attendee

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